15 World Famous Companies that Started in Garages

When I was growing up, my dad and I used the garage to build step stools, hot plates, and derby cars. As it turns out, a garage is also a great place to start a company.To better understand how to build a world famous company, you need to dive into how other entrepreneurs have created theirs.Here are ten of the world’s most gigantic businesses that started in garages.

#1 Amazon
Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com in 1994 as an online bookstore. At the time, it was completely run out of his garage in Bellevue, Washington.He sold his first book in July 1995 and issued his IPO two years later in 1997.Today it’s the world’s largest online retailer. Address: 10704 NE 28th, Bellevue, Washington




Amazon.com company was founded in 1994 by American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, and in 1995, the site was launched. The company was named after the Amazon River, the deepest in the world. Initially, the site sold only books. In June 1998, the store began selling music CDs, and in November of the same year — a video production. Later in the range appeared MP3-recording, software, video games, electronics, Clothing, furniture, food and toys.

Legend has it that its first desktop founder of Amazon.com has hammered together out of doors. Today, some of the tables are also made of doors, but in order to save, and to remind of the need to save. In 2011, the company employed 30 thousand Amazon.com. Employees.October 9, 2014 Amazon announced plans to open in Manhattan (New York), the first in its history, offline store [9]. A little later there was information about one stall — this time in San Francisco.December 7, 2016 Jeff Bezos said that Amazon made the first delivery with the help of a drone.At the end of 2016 the company employed 180 thousand. Employees