The best beaches of the world — TOP 20

In the world there are thousands of incredibly beautiful beaches and is almost impossible to distinguish the best. After all, each different preferences: sand or pebbles, noisy beaches with discos, or quiet and secluded. But, nevertheless, these rankings as the best beaches in the world are carried out continuously and based on them, we have created a list.

1. Mexico, Tulum

Although here we do not find anything new, but leave Tulum beach outside our list can not. With white sand and the temple, which looms on the horizon from the time of the decline of the Mayan civilization, it is the perfect beach of its kind, and there is none like him.



The Tulum — offers you a unique tour designed especially for those who love to learn more about the Mayan Culture and admire the beauty of the beach.
At Tulum you will find the unique vestiges built facing the sea, and you will learn everything about this mayan city with a special guided tour through its buildings framed by the Caribbean Sea.
you can eat, drink and snorkel all you want, have fun with the different aquatic activities or simply relax in a hammock admiring the landscape of this natural wonder.
Tulum to enjoy the Sun, the sea and the amazing Mayan culture!