The most beautiful fountains in the world


Fountains bring to our lives a sense of celebration, joy and freshness. Next to them agree on meetings, or spend time alone and, of course, are photographed. And these 30 most delightful fountains of the world are just a rest for the eyes and the next opportunity to make a memorable photo.

Fountains are, probably, the most striking and effective visual expression of architectural creativity. Once they were used by citizens in everyday life, today they have become tourist attractions. Look at Fullpiche’s most beautiful fountains of the world.

1. Fountain Julie Penrose or Continuous, Colorado Springs, USA

Created on: 2007
Location: USA, Colorado Springs
The architect of the fountain is David Barber.

The Julie Penrose Fountain or Continuous is located in the USA, in the center of Colorado Springs. The fountain looks like a part of a spiral and consists of 366 water jets and makes one turn in fifteen minutes. It is one of the largest sculptural fountains in America.



The Julie Penrose fountain weighs more than 24 tons. The creation and construction of the fountain by the author of the building, the architect David Barber, was inspired by the mountains «Pikes Peak», where you can see how nature moves in a circle, snow is falling and streams of melt water are running at the same time. Immeno the circular circulation of life and tried to convey avor in his creation.