The most beautiful fountains in the world

2.Fountain «Divers» the Dubai Mall Mall, Dubai, UAE
Created on: 2009
Location: United Arab Emirates

This waterfall is located in the heart of Dubai’s largest shopping mall — the Dubai Mall.The structure looks like a waterfall falling from the roof itself in the center of the building that passes through all the four storeys of the shopping center. But this is not the most amazing thing in the fountain, but the fact that the architects decorated it with sculptures flying downwards, like diving from a height, divers. Sculptures seem to supplement their bodies with streams of water, continuing its rhythmic downward movement.

The structure of the fountain includes two cylindrical structures, the diameter of which is 30 meters, and their height is 24 meters. The water tank is located at the top of the structure. With its help, the streams of water rises and falls down.



According to the idea of the architects, the design is designed in such a way that during the day it perfectly reflects sunlight, at night the fountain of the icon
According to the general director of Dubai Mall, Yusuf Al Ali, the idea of creating the fountain was to attract even more visitors to the shopping center, as well as to enhance the comfort of visitors. At the moment, the fountain has become one of the favorite places for people to meet.