The most densely populated cities in the world. TOP 20

What does the big city for you? Millions of people, two, or maybe ten or even thirty? See gallery 20 biggest cities in the world by population.

1. On the 20-th place in terms of population is Dhaka — the capital of Bangladesh. The city is home to a number of regional and international development organizations, including the permanent secretariat of BIMSTEC. It hosts several major arts festivals, including the annual Ekushey Book Fair, the Dhaka Literature Festival and the biannual Dhaka Art Summit.




Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. It is one of the world’s most populated cities, with a population of 17 million people in the Greater Dhaka Area. Located in an eponymous district and division, it lies along the east bank of the Buriganga River in the heart of the Bengal delta. The city is a microcosm of the entire country, with diverse religious and ethnic communities. Its name was romanised as Dacca until the current spelling was adopted in 1983. It is the largest city in the Bengal region. It is also a major city of South Asia and among the OIC states.