The most popular volcanoes in the world

We bring to your attention the list of volcanoes, which are very popular among tourists, these volcanoes are in themselves a tourist attraction of the region where they are located.

Fujiyama is the most romantic

Perhaps in the nomination of the most romantic volcano without any difficulties, the famous volcano Fujiyama will win. There’s no arguing, it’s really the most charming, gentle, attractive, refined and romantic volcano. Although today it looks more like a mountain.It is Fujiyama, a huge number of Japanese writers, samurai, artists dedicated paintings, drawings, hokku, and the number of photographs of this most famous in Japan, the mountains can not be considered.



In general, in the academic world, Fuji is considered an active volcano, although its activity is weak. Judge for yourself — the volcano woke up last time in 1707 and after half a year he fell asleep again. It is also worth noting that among the huge number of drawings of Fujiyama there is not one on which the volcano spews smoke or lava.In general, Fuji is very popular with tourists, since there is a whole pantheon of interesting places that interest and attract people. For example, directly at the foot of the volcano is Aokigahara, a forest of suicides, a rather gloomy place, but it attracts people. In addition, next to Fujiyama there is a post office, a weather station and a Shinto shrine.