World’s Most Expensive Yachts

In the world of rich, possession a yacht is middle League, so that remains to understand an only problem, who the most expensive yacht belongs to from a vine cluster!

The richest in the world always compete with each other, trying to set separately, or by means of the largest houses, most expensive jewelries, rapid cars and other articles of luxury.
But something the proprietors of yachts that so изысканна are so related to freedom, that it is a not simply expensive purchase, it was quickly washed off!
you will get onboard and круиз-вдали from fuss, surrounded by an elite small, that you want to share moment. Possession of яхтой-это the nearest thing, to have an island, only she has a few additional advantages due to the factor of mobility!
This time, to give a glance on most expensive in the world of yacht.
Here list most expensive in the world

1. Al Salam -Price: $ 200 million.

Length: 139 meters
The yacht has a glass roof, a swimming pool and elegant library. Previously yacht belonged to Prince Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. The brand new 164m/538ft motor yacht ‘Fulk Al Salama’ delivered by Italian shipyard Mariotti Yachts appears to have triumphantly taken the title of the ‘World’s Largest Yacht’ by sheer volume.
Having departed Genoa earlier today, the highly secretive superyacht Fulk Al Salama is currently making her way to Muscat where she is believed to be joining the 155m/508ft superyacht ‘Al Said’ as part of the Omani Royal fleet.




Although not the longest yacht, a crown currently held by superyacht AZZAM, which measures 180 metres (591ft), Fulk Al Salama is the biggest in terms of volume measured by a gross tonnage of 22,000 GT. For this reason, the superyacht eclipses AZZAM, which comes in at 13,136 GT.It must be noted that a yacht’s size is measured in gross tonnage rather than length. Gross tonnage (often abbreviated as GT) is a nonlinear measure of a ship’s overall internal volume.

Calculated by measuring a superyacht’s volume (from keel to funnel, to the outside of the hull framing) and applying a mathematical formula, it is then possible to produce an accurate reading which can be used for comparing its size to other yachts.