World’s Top 30 Best Countries To Live

Where do the happiest people live on earth? What the best place, to live / to move? If you have these many questions racing through your mind, read farther. Since 2013 every year our command produces the list of the «best countries to live in the world», founded on the stage of researches and reliable reporting from deserving trust of sources all over the world. Every year he goes viral and accepts the Internet assault. We passed a long way from the moment of our first lecture, and this year we undertook our study on a next level.

How did we calculate an index?
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of Drafts to pieces, has the own lines that compel people to be thoughtful each of these countries. We tell to you these facts thus. Now let us begin our trip in reverse chronologic

30. Portugal
Score : 5.08

This country offers the most stable climate, what any other country in Europe. (3300 sunny hours).
Portuguese are very friendly, useful and friendly. 90 percents of population talk on foreign languages. Mainly English.
stationing oneself In the middle of 3 continents (America, Europe and Africa) Portugal comes forward as the Central place for all international routes. Plenty of international airports is located through this country.




Portugal behaves to the number of not many countries that have clearly set borders political stability.
For tourists that want to travel on Portugal on an auto, to services modern roadnet. Less than after 2 hours, it is possible to go around metropolises from a north to the south.Having clear and transparent rules of taxation Portugal is one of the best countries for investments in the real estate.
From data of UBS, a cost-of-living in Portugal is very subzero as compared to other European